10 Windows Keyboard Shortcut Keys That Will Save Time

Keyboard shortcuts like (Ctrl + S), which saves a file immediately on Windows computers, are likely second nature to anyone who uses a computer often for business. (Shift + Cmd + S on Macs) Regularly saving your work is recommended in case of a power outage or unexpected computer crash.

Perhaps you’ve used the common copy-and-paste shorthand as well. (If you aren’t already, this recommendation will quickly become your favorite.)

10 Windows Keyboard Shortcut Keys That Will Save Time

Windows: (Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste)

Apple: (Cmd + C to copy and Cmd + V to paste)

But what if you need to restore a tab that you closed inadvertently? Be calm. Fortunately, there’s a quick solution to that. Do you wish to view windows side by side? In other words, you can take the short route! Having trouble storing individual copies of every image you want to use in a Word document.

Similarly, there is a useful hack for this. These 10 simple shortcuts will help you save time the next time you need to execute one of these frequent computer chores, whether you’re technically adept or just “not a computer person,” using Windows or a Mac.

Here are the 10 windows keyboard shortcut keys that will save time.

The Best Way to Learn Your Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Getting used to your keyboard shortcuts is like picking up a new language. It’s best to take baby steps when learning a new language, expanding your vocabulary and self-assurance before taking on more challenging material.

The same holds true for the shortcuts you use in Windows 10, and the best place to begin is with the tasks you perform most frequently. Some of these features include the ability to split your screen in Windows 10 so that you may work on multiple documents or virtual desktops at once.

The ability to minimize windows, the ability to search for applications and settings, the ability to use the Windows File Explorer, etc. If you start by mastering the keyboard shortcuts for common tasks like these, you’ll not only be able to do your present work in Windows 10 more quickly, but you’ll also feel more comfortable and excited to take on new challenges.

These 10 windows keyboard shortcut keys that will save time are useful also.

10 Windows Keyboard Shortcut Keys That Will Save Time

Keyboard shortcuts can help you save countless hours over the course of a year. Maybe you’re already familiar with the Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and Ctrl+A keyboard keys for copying, pasting, and selecting all.

Windows, on the other hand, has a plethora of different shortcuts that can be used to speed up your work. Check this 10 windows keyboard shortcut keys that will save time.


Most people who are always on the go use many programs simultaneously. Simply press Alt+Tab to quickly navigate between all of your open programs.


You can remove whole words with just one tap of backspace if you hold down the Ctrl key while you hit backspace. Remove multiple sentences or paragraphs at once without using the mouse.


In order to lessen the risk of data loss in the event of a computer freeze, it is recommended that you save your work frequently. Use Ctrl+S to save your work after each paragraph as you type it. If you make it a practice to do this, you may rest easy knowing that a computer crash won’t cause you to lose hours of work.

Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+End 

Do you need quick access to the beginning or end of your document? To quickly jump to the top of the page without scrolling, press Ctrl+Home. To quickly reach the conclusion, press Ctrl+End.


For Windows, pressing Ctrl+Esc is equivalent to selecting the Start menu. Using the up and down arrow keys, you can navigate the Windows start menu that opens when you press this shortcut. To access submenus, select an item and press the right arrow key.


Pressing Win+Home minimizes all windows in the system except the one you’re presently using. To avoid closing all open windows while returning to the desktop, use this shortcut.


Have you ever closed a tab inadvertently and needed to reopen it? To reopen the last closed tab in your browser without having to sift through your cache, press Ctrl+Shift+T. This quick cut not only helps you save time, but also avoids unnecessary stress.


Do you want to save this page as a bookmark? The URL of the current tab can be saved as a bookmark in the browser by pressing Ctrl+D.


Windows’ Recycle Bin is a standard feature in most operating systems. A file is not permanently removed from your system when you delete it. When you delete a file, it immediately goes to the Recycle Bin until you either restore it or empty the bin.

Sometimes you can be sure that you no longer need a certain file and can safely delete it. With Shift+Del, you can permanently remove a file without sending it to the Trash.


A file can be renamed by clicking once on it and then clicking again. The file will open instead of displaying the rename dialogue box if you click too quickly.

You can avoid the hassle simply selecting a file and pressing F2. These are but a few of the many Windows shortcuts available. A huge time saver, shortcuts are well worth the time it takes to learn them.


Using these Windows keyboard shortcuts will significantly boost your efficiency if you use Windows on a regular basis. This page has a compiled set of special tips and tricks that will make your daily tasks much easier.

Some of them you may be familiar with, but there are probably some gems in there that you haven’t heard of. Using them for the first time will make you appreciate how much simpler Windows has gotten to work with. This list 10 windows keyboard shortcut keys that will save time.

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