What is a WiFi Repeater and How Does it Work

What is a Wifi repeater? A repeater acts as an extender that will extend your Wifi coverage area network. You must be wondering how it works? The working of wifi repeater is done as follows, first, you receive Wifi signals from your existing network then those signals get amplified, and lastly, those amplified signals are boosted and transmitted back to the network.

Having a wifi repeater gives a benefit of accessing the Wifi from anywhere of your home, it may be in any far corners of your home, may it be on different floors or may it be in your backyard. Wifi repeater will solve those extended signals issue. Using Wifi repeater Wifi coverage of your network is increased. Having a wifi repeater at your home or office is not a loss it will just give you benefits.

What does a Wireless Repeater Do?

A relay system function is done by the wireless repeater. The signals that are transmitted by your router take those signals and amplifies it. Those amplified signals are then transmitted through your office or home network. If there is any location where your signal couldn’t reach then it will also give you reception in those areas. It has good flexibility even if you are far away from your router it will give you good speed. Wireless repeaters mean repeaters without the wires.

WiFi Repeater

Being wireless it adds extra flexibility as you do not need a direct wire connection to stay connected with your router. Because it is wireless there is tension about its placing, you can place it anywhere you want. The wifi repeater is called the best repeater when it can fulfill all your needs and also it is within your cost. Before buying there some of the minute things which you should be aware of are minute details about the repeater. Its usage and speed. Till how long it will last, warranty card etc.

Wireless Network Repeater, Booster, or Extender?

There are many options that you can opt for as an alternative for wireless repeaters like booster or extender. The output of all the repeaters, boosters, or extender is the same. Wireless Repeater, wifi booster, and wifi extenders all fall under the same category and they do the same work that is to improve your wifi coverage. Although they do the same work and give the same output they are being called by different names by the manufacturer. According to their wish, they tend to call them.

Wireless Booster

If you have a large home with many bedrooms and a good backyard then reaching the Wifi signal till those zones will be difficult many times. At times you might even lose connectivity or face some dead zones. In such cases, you require a WiFi booster. These Wifi boosters are easy to afford and it gives a benefit of boating your network coverage performance. Wireless Boosters will amplify your signal. Your signal strength can be increased by up to 600%.

Wireless Extender

The working of the Wireless extender is similar to the wireless repeater but there is a slight difference between the wireless extender and wireless repeater. The wireless extender will create its own signal. Suppose there is one modem that has a network called Network – 1 then wireless extender will create its own wireless network called Network – 2. As wireless extenders create their own network signal it is denoted as a standalone device. It also amplifies your network and retransmits your signal. Since the extender creates its own network signal you have to switch your wireless device to that network.

A Wi-Fi Signal Repeater Uses Your Original Network

Repeaters’ behavior is exactly the opposite of the wireless extender. The repeater does not create its own wireless network. A repeater retransmits your signal; it also boosts your signal. Just so you know the repeaters are quite expensive and the best-trusted units are found in the specialty electronics shop.

How to Choose the Best WiFi Repeater?

A wireless repeater network provides you with two routers. One of the router servers is kept for your main signal to router the main router while the other server will amplify and retransmit the network. You have an option to opt for a single router repeater. Using a single router repeater will set up itself and also gives you the benefit of not changing any equipment and let you use your current equipment as it is.

You can also have a repeater package that will offer you a wide range of network and coverage for your router.


That was all about the Wifi repeater, wifi booster, and wifi extender. Now you know that there is nothing much difference between the Wifi repeater, wifi booster, and wifi extender. But there is a slight difference in the wifi extender and it doesn’t use another signal while it amplifies and retransmits your signal on the same network. Wifi extender is the standalone network as we say! Hope you understood everything and I cleared your doubts about the Wifi repeater, wifi booster, and wifi extender. Have a good read! If you have any doubts regarding anything then let us know. See you, until next time! Ciao!

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